Lower Limb Prosthesis

Lower limb prosthesis is any artificial limb which helps you to recover your mobility lost because of any part of your legs, it may be partial foot, below
knee or through knee, above knee or hip disarticulation.

The loss of a leg changes how you move through life. At Feebo, we can help restore your mobility by designing prosthetic leg solutions combining the best socket system with state-of- the-art prosthetic components from all the leading manufacturers. The performance of prosthesis depends upon the rightly prescribed components, well fitted socket and the will power of the user. The major components in lower limb prosthetics are


designed and fabricated by your prosthetist

Prosthetic Foot

there various type of feet available like carbon foot, energy storing foot, SACH foot etc and can be selected as per the amputee’s activity level, weight, life style etc.

Knee Joint

Like prosthetic feet, knee joint can also be prescribed out of Hydraulic knee joint, Pneumatic knee joint, spring loaded knee joint, ABS or Stance controlled knee joint manual lock knee joint etc.

Types Of Lower Limb Prostheses


Lower Limb Prosthesis